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In a time of data-driven finance, protecting a financial institution requires fail-safe technology. Azentio’s AMLOCK (Financial Crime Detection and Management Solution) to suit the requirements of Banks and Financial institutions. The solution is compliant with KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting and assists the bank in detecting and managing money laundering transactions.

AMLOCK Core Solutions

The functionality of AMLOCK is beneficial for every banking unit. We believe the product must be adaptable, easy to use and 100% genuine and that is exactly what we provide.

KYC & Risk Assessment

We understand client’s security is most important and crucial.
For that we make sure to secure our customers with:

  • Customer KYC repository
  • Customer onboarding review (with feedback to core systems)
  • Customer risk classification

Transaction Monitoring

Our product is designed to keep a close watch at every transaction that take place. To ensure transactions are smooth, safe and secure:

  • Supports batch and real-time monitoring
  • Comprehensive alert library
  • Alert risk scoring (configurable)

Case Management

All customer and their accounts are equally important to us. Our management skills help to track of every development with::

  • Comprehensive case management
  • Multi-level workflow
  • Investigation tools

Reporting & Administration

The functionalities of AMLOCK enables administration of the current work alongside developing reports to deliver the work progress and its status:

  • AML compliance reports
  • MIS/KYC/transactional reports
  • Analyst & supervisor dashboards

What makes our product ‘AMLOCK’ unique

  • The Online Screening against Sanction Lists during customer onboarding
  • Configure risk assessment model based on entity type
  • Alert risk scoring to prioritize alerts
  • Alerts Library with over 150+ scenarios and Rule Builder to create user defined alerts
  • Alerts Suppression using rules and analytics
  • Smart Alert assignment based on branch, scenario, customer group etc

Your Business Advantages with ‘AMLOCK

  • Rapid implementation timeframe of within 10–12 weeks
  • Supports multiple browsers and operating systems such as UNIX, AIX, MS Windows
  • Product support includes any AML regulatory changes as a part of annual support
  • Supports centralized multi-country implementations
  • Supports multi-lingual and multi-currency interface

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