A culture of growing and learning. Your career growth means everything to us at Azentio. For if you grow, Azentio grows

A culture of growing and learning. Your career growth means everything to us at Azentio. For if you grow, Azentio grows

Your Passion Matters

Azentio is an equal opportunity employer. We are strongly committed to diversity and inclusion. All that matters is your passion. We strongly believe that your passion is what defines you. And hence our endeavor is to build a workplace where your passion stays undiminished

Friendly, Collaborative and Challenging environment

We focus on creating an amicable and cheery environment that stimulates information sharing and collaboration of ideas. You will come across unstructured, but thought- provoking situations and that is what makes the workplace challenging and exciting.

On-the job Mentorship

At Azentio, every manager is a mentor. You are in charge of your growth trajectory. You have ample freedom at work and can expect constant real time, constructive feedback from a mentor that will help you capitalize on your strengths.

Transparency and Trust

We follow practices that promote a culture of trust. Open and honest communication holds the key, whether during recruitment and selection or during addressing grievances or even terminations. Clear cut employee-friendly policies

Learning and Development Programs

We invest in knowledge. Global trends, best practices and solutions are constantly changing. To us our expertise is embedded in our people. A well-planned, round the year calendar of training sessions based on employee feedback is designed to ensure technical and skill development as a way of life.

Performance Appraisals

We appraise every employee’s performance by offering clear 360° feedback and direction, mapping out a career growth and setting goals along with training programs to meet those goals

Employee Benefits

We deeply value our employees. Our compensation packages compare well in the market. A well-structured package gives you statutory benefits over the long terms. Apart from the same, bonuses, health benefits, vacation days are some of the perquisites you will enjoy

Join Us

Please submit your Curriculum Vitae here. We will match it to a current career opportunity. If we cannot find an immediate fit, your CV will be stored in our database for six months from date of submission. We will get in touch if an opportunity arises within those six months.