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Azentio’s Factor/SQL is an integrated application that provides all the strategic tools you need to grow your commercial financing business. It is the world’s premier factoring solution for companies offering commercial financing through purchase of accounts receivables. This highly scalable application is being successfully utilized by all sizes and types of factoring businesses to manage portfolios, analyze risk, track commissions, monitor investor activity and optimize income. Additionally, Factor/SQL™ is SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) compliant.

Factor/SQL Factoring Solution

Factor/SQL allows businesses to customize factoring lines of credit so there is no untapped opportunity. Its integrated modules make it easy to monitor credit and keep track of collaterals. It helps financing institutions manage different lines of businesses, namely, factoring, asset based lending and merchant cash advance in a single consolidated platform.

Asset Based Lending Software

Azentio offers a comprehensive solution that empowers commercial finance organizations like yours whether you want to finance your customer’s working capital, business expansion, refinance a debt, fund an acquisition or securitize receivables. It has the precise gears to :

  • Customize deals
  • Monitor client portfolios
  • Analyze opportunities and track receivables

Transportation & Vendor Payment

Azentio’s Transportation & Vendor Payment Solution gives the flexibility to factors in managing invoices of carriers, broker and clients and also, the facility to provide advances to clients, carriers or third party vendors. It helps you:

  • Manage and control risks by making direct payments
  • Generate Invoices from carrier’s Bill of Lading; control exposure to debtors
  • Quickly approve loads for your carrier clients

Real-time Data Access Solution

This rich extension of Azentio’s factoring solution, empowers commercial financing companies to provide their clients with online, real-time access to information from Factor/SQL. Your advantages include:

  • Quicker data preparation, invoice entry and reporting
  • Elimination of non-productive activities - phone calls, mailing and data entry
  • Reduced resources needed to extract and understand data

Custom Report Writer Solution

This flexible custom report writer application, used along with Azentio’s factoring solution, gives you the advantage of extracting real-time custom reports and graphs from the live data of Factor/SQL - in a variety of formats. It helps you:

  • Capitalize on a library of pre-written reports
  • Create your own professional reports as and when you need
  • Modify reports in the required formats, view data in multiple ways

Investor Participation Solution

The Investor Participation Solution allows you to efficiently manage capital provided by investors and participants. Using this solution, a user can view and advantageously analyze investor information, such as cash in use, invoices funded across the portfolio and concentration. Your benefits include:

  • Better control over and flexibility of investor funds
  • Ability to track investor commission
  • Quick access to Investor Information

Merchant Cash Advance Solution

The solution is designed for businesses that provide cash advances to merchants against future credit / debit card sales. Whether you are financing doctors, retailers or restaurants, it is the ideal solution to help you structure and monitor funding, track receipts and manage portfolio. With it, you can:

  • Avail of flexible structuring of cash advances
  • Ensure efficient portfolio management by electronic payments processing
  • Validate transaction volumes before funding

What makes our product ‘Factor/SQL’ unique

  • Robust architecture supports interoperability with third party applications
  • Choice of deployment and commercial models
  • Obtain deep insights from reports, MIS and analytics
  • Available on-premise or as a hosted solution, offering high availability, scalability and dependability
  • Also delivered on a SaaS model on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure
  • Enables deploying applications and data quickly in a highly secure manner

Your Business Advantages with ‘Factor/SQL

  • Quickly analyse customer needs and check credit scores to accelerate the process from pre-qualification to loan approval
  • Set up credit limits, know debtor aging trends for quick collections follow ups
  • Establish concentration and reserve limits to minimize risks and effortless portfolio administration
  • Customize fees based on invoice amount, advanced amounts or loan balances and charges to stay competitive while providing the option to pay daily or on time increments
  • Automate processes to eliminate routine, non-productive efforts by easily importing schedules of invoices and payments, setting alerts for actionable items, reminders or limit spill overs
  • Utilize comprehensive ready-to-use templates, or create your own unique reports and graphs to efficiently monitor customer performance and analytics for actionable business insights

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