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Azentio’s Orion Enterprise Solutions Suite aligns your business operations to work together to achieve peak performance. It provides you with industry-specific solutions for business insights, operational excellence and innovation. Orion is your expert partner who understands your business and works for your success. A fully integrated multi-user, enterprise solution, it delivers powerful functionalities through seamless interaction between modules. The result is sharper decision-making and greater control over business processes in the most cost-effective manner.

ORION Core Solutions

With its industry-specific enterprise resource planning solutions and systems ORION moves your business to a re-energised future. Combined with the power of cloud, it frees you to work anywhere, anytime, across your devices. No matter how you access and use your ERP systems, you receive a seamless experience and total security to protect your business and customers.


This solution delivers a fully functional administrative UI, customised back-end workflows, built-in order management and multiple payment gateways to suit your online business. It includes:

  • Orion Cart, that effortlessly links your servicesstack, from back-office expertise to customer-facing front-end capabilities
  • Highly flexible range of features and tools to enable customisations
  • Latest technological advancements.


This product enhances efficiencies by delivering a holistic picture of spending versus budgets across materials, resources, manpower, procurement and timelines, for multiple projects and locations. It offers:

  • Project, Material and Subcontract Management
  • Financial Management
  • Enterprise Asset Management

Customer Relationship Management

Orion CRM brings ease and order to the creation, development, and maintenance of your organisation’s crucial relationships. This solution flexes to align with your business’ models and practices with:

  • Case management
  • Flexible modeling of business processes
  • Template quotations


We deliver a comprehensive solution that unifies your entire financial management processes to maximize profits and ensure financial stability. This is your single source of truth to achieve excellence in both short-term performance, and long-term growth since it:

  • Supports a ‘multiple currency’, ‘multi-national’ and ‘multi-statutory’ global marketplace
  • Offers balanced scorecard and profitability analysis
  • Offers cost centre accounting, activity-based costing, finance supply chain management

Human Resources Management & Payroll

This solution simplifies and automates all aspects of your HR processes, from acquisition to retirement and thereby, reinforces and enhances your organization’s quality performance with:

  • Integrated time reader system to automate the attendance and payroll processes
  • Self-service employee portal to improve service levels to employees
  • Portal that provides quick, easy and direct access to internal business processes


We integrate the entire requirements of logistics services into an intelligent suite of solutions that adds flexibility andoptimizes your business processes and improves operational efficiency. This unified cloud solution:

  • Automates warehouse operations, RFID support, synchronised shipping and transportation
  • Provides single global view of all logistics information
  • Enables seamless execution flows, carrier sourcing, automated settlements, transaction-centric collaboration


We deliver a seamless solution so that you are assured of in informed, real-time manufacturing decisions, meticulous quality, enhanced plant throughput, and improved delivery performance at optimized costs. We offer:

  • Warehouse management with visibility across geographies  for real-time efficiencies Strategic sourcing capabilities: high supplier collaboration for minimum lead times and costs
  • Efficient lead management with greater visibility and higher conversion rates, better competition analysis
  • Flexibility to manage multiple sales strategies and cater to a diverse customer base

Trading & Distribution

This suite of solutions is a functionally rich, integrated, and enterprise-wide information solution designed to create an efficient workflow and help you fast track your trading business across geographies with:

  • Strategic sourcing capabilities for supplier collaboration to minimize lead times and costs
  • End-to-end procurement process for seamless materials management
  • Real-time tracking of stock

What makes our product 'ORION' unique

  • Depth of experience - Complete understanding of all industries and global trends – enables sharing of innovation and best practices
  • The agility of configurable modules
  • Derive total business value with insightful analyses of costs, revenues and liabilities
  • Smarter business intelligence: Powerful analysis for strategic and informed decision-making
  • Robust and comprehensive suite: Configurable software for finance and accounting, governance and risk management
  • Higher operational efficiency: Seamless integration of data flow from all business systems

Your Business Advantage with 'ORION'

  • Versatile library of applications
  • Device flexibility - Compatible with all devices and operating systems
  • Comprehensive account and opportunity management: Reduced lead-to-closure cycle time, best-of-breed customer delivery and improved ROI
  • Unlimited scalability: Customisable to small, mid-sized and large businesses
  • Data transparency: Transform your legacy systems and disparate processes to enable customer data transparency and unified interactions - across multiple business units and diverse functional systems

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